Saturday, 17 August 2019

Breeding stock details in cattle farm business plan

To begin a beef cattle business, you should have breeding stock. Breeding stock also has make cattle called bulls. Female called cows or cattle. Clearly, you can have artificial insemination done to breed cattle. When you decide to obtain the right cattle farm business plan that is detailed and from the right source, you get to know more about breeding stock for this business. When you decide to choose breeding stock for beef cattle, you need consider its health history. There are times when these cattle might be sick and you buy them that doesn’t help.
How to get the best cattle purchases?
It is always important for you to have your breeding stock purchased from sources that are reputable. The breeds that you decide to buy will affect your production negatively or positive. So, the best cattle farming business plan will make it clear to you how to benefit from such decision making. There are some breeds that are far better than others where high quality beef production is concerned. Some other characteristics that vary where these breeds are concerned include:
1.       Ease of calving
2.       Ability of milking
3.       Conversion of feed
4.       Longevity and average birth weights
5.       Disease resistance levels, etc.
Famous breeds that are used in this farming business include:
1.       Hereford
2.       Angus
3.       Shorthorn
4.       Brahman
5.       Nguni
6.       Africander, etc.

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