Saturday, 17 August 2019

Comparing the benefits of chatbots and the benefits of utilizing humans

Until you compare the efficiency between when a human does the job and when a chatbot does the job, one may never know the benefits of chatbots. It is very important to keep in mind that this article is not in any way suggesting that chatbots are smarter than humans or more preferable than humans in getting things done. That is not necessarily so considering the fact that the chatbots were made by humans.

Humans are complex creatures and beyond the target in business that they have to reach, there are other natural needs that sometimes may need attention thereby disrupting what was previously being done by such a person. For instance, when you see a person who is attending to people on a cue, doing the same thing over and again may become a repetitive process that the human may begin to resent. Another case scenario is when a human representative that is supposed to be attending to people on a very long queue is pressed to visit the lavatory. As much as such may be diligent, he or she would naturally lose concentration until after such has eased him or herself. You would be surprised to discover that as necessary as the bathroom break was for the human representative, some clients may lose patience and seek services elsewhere.

Considering the above instances, it is easy to see some of the benefits of chatbots over human representatives that could have been employed for the same thing. Software and machines do not get distracted for any reason as the way humans do. Also, people who work at some point in time get tired. Irrespective of how hardworking one may be, such is bound to get tired and desire rest. In fact, deprivation of rest would probably lead to errors in the course of carrying out your duties. This is not the same as chatbots.

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