Monday, 12 August 2019

How grey contact lenses were made

If you are an anime fan, you know what’s coming ahead. You must have seen them white eyes incorporated into an anime character to make it look phantom-like. Yes, you can have those terror-inducing lenses to make someone faint right away. They are called the ghost eyes and in modern terminology, white contact lenses. Wearing them will definitely make you look eccentric, but who cares? The idea of making such lenses took place a few years ago since cosplays were on its initial stages and required the desired limelight. This further led to the widespread of comic-cons and they are the sole reason that has made you bought these white, glorious, terrifying lenses.
Moving towards the shade that’s exactly opposite of white. Yes, Black. They don’t exist in reality. The excess amount of melanin causes your eyes to look alike black, but in truth, your retinas are wearing a masquerade. And to eradicate this paradox, industries have invented black contact lenses to fulfil your wishes. The pure ebony colour makes you dote yourself.  It’s like an eternal abyss residing in your eyes. Haunting yet, aesthetically pleasing. The black lenses did their tick, now it's your time to jinx the world.
The composition of the black and white colour gives birth to grey colour and exactly, that’s how the grey contact lenses are made. Mixing the natural pigments and blowing a kiss of life results in such a tranquil colour. This type of contact lenses is used by the majority of people since they make you look outstanding and fantastic. For a stunning appearance, grey-blue and grey-green lenses are preferred as they are more natural looking and give the desired effect to your eyes. Actors like, Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox are frequently seen with such colourful eyes. Why not you?

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