Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Laugh Out Loud At The Play That Goes Wrong Ahmanson

Premiered in 2012, written by Jonathan Sayer, Henry Lewis and Henry Shields of the Mischief Theatre company the play that goes wrong ahmansonis the hilarious new play to hit the Broadway.
It started out as a one-act play performed by the actors over a pub after their day jobs. After performing full length-runs at theaters, years of dedication and hard work paid off as the cast moved to Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The play won the award in the best new comedy category at Laurence Olivier awards in 2015.
The play introduces fictitious 'Cornley University Drama Society’ who are attempting to put on a 1920s' murder mystery, but as the title suggests, everything that can go wrong and it does, as the accident-proneactors battle on against all odds to get to their final curtain call.
During the performance of ahmansontheater play that goes wrong, you get to watch, a play within a play, and a large number of disasters falling on the cast including floor collapsing, props falling from the wall and doors sticking.

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