Saturday, 10 August 2019

Tips to select the best android game

With advancements in smartphones and internet, users are finding more and more ways to improve their entertainment. Apart from movies and web series, mobile games hold the top rank on entertainment.
                   There are more than million games available online. There are exclusive gaming sites. An entire casino is brought home by the smartphone gaming industry today.
                   The gaming industry reached its peak after the invention of android. After which, every game was free of cost. Exclusive apps were launched for the games. For instance, the levelmaker application was launched after the game became a hit on the internet.
                   With these many options in hand, it is definitely difficult to select the right game. This is because not all the games are liked by all the users. Every user has his own likes
Here is a complete guide to select the right game
Search on google play
                   Avoid using the search bar at start. First go to the categories and choose the option. All the games are brought under 10 – 15 categories. This helps the user to filter out more than half of the games. The categories are action, arcade, board, casino, card, music, etc.
                   If the person is not sure to choose the right category he can choose the alternate path. Go for the option of Top paid, top crossing, top free, etc. Top paid games are not free and requires a minimum payment to download. Top free games are those which are popularly used by the people and are free. Also, there are many software developers offering the same game and hence the name “Top Free”.

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