Friday, 1 May 2020

Choosing The Right Liquid Foundation Shade for You

If you have dry and flaky skin especially during winters, it becomes very difficult to apply foundation as it contemplates on the dry patches and makes your skin look blotchy. Make Up Primer covers the dry patches and fills in properly to give your skin a silky look. Primer not only helps to glide foundation evenly on the skin but also keeps it fresh for long. In case of oily skin, a good Make Up Primer will fill in the pores properly and hence minimize their appearance and give your face a soft and smooth surface to absorb your makeup. It does not make your skin oily especially in the T-Zones of your face.  
During summers many women with oily skin suffer a lot because their skin becomes oily and they face loads of difficulties as they are unable to keep their makeup intact. Make Up Primer helps them to lock their skin oil and give their face a matt finish that not only looks fresh but also make up stays on for long. Women having oily skin do not need moisturizer before applying primer.  
The basic purpose of a good quality primer is to prepare your face for applying your foundation. Whether you use Liquid Foundation or a water base, a primer will help your makeup to stay on your face longer. It creates a protective base that gives you natural and long lasting foundation. Initially most of the women who did not use primer now start out trying one just to see what all the excitement is all about and end up seeing the obvious difference it makes.  
One good thing about Liquid Foundation is that it reaches easily into those areas where water base foundation cannot. This is one of the main reasons why people prefer it over the others. Selecting a foundation for your skin can be tricky initially. So when you are selecting a foundation, you must note the shade or shades you are choosing as it must match your skin tone. If you pick a wrong shade, your skin may look unnatural.    

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