Sunday, 17 May 2020

How can you contact Andrew James Enforcement limited

If you are worried about the debt you have taken from the company, this is vain to not respond to them. your response to them is necessary because if you didn’t do so, they have the authority to visit your home and take away things with themselves. This company gives some flexibility to their clients too, but everything becomes out of control when you do not respond to the call from Andrew James Enforcement. They do not interrupt your daily routine if you pay the debt on time, but if you do any negligence, the penalty will be in your wait in the form of their person from this company.
Your rights
If you are facing any issue that their persons are chasing you, you can call for legal help. If everything happens so quickly that you have no idea about it, then watch them in front of you and be ready to face anything. It is important to have an idea about your rights. If they reach on your doorsteps, you should have an idea of your rights to combat the situation.
·         The first thing to remember is that they always visit your property between 6 am to 9 pm.  The Andrew James Enforcement Ltd do not visit you except this time.
·         They always provide the notice before reaching you. Although this is not a mandatory method. They do not follow this rule whenever they visit you.
·         The best thing about the private company is that they are not allowed to enter your home without your permission. They can only get an entry into your home when they know that there is an elder person inside.
·         Another reliable thing is that they do not enter your home forcefully. They only enter your home when you allow them to get an entry. The Andrew James Enforcement limited do not get entry from windows and other sites.
·         They only enter through the door and you have to ask them about their identity when they get an entry to your home. it is very easy to tackle them and they do not harm you physically but they just come to war you to pay the amount on time.

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