Wednesday, 20 May 2020

How to substantially win in this meme war

The advent of the internet had brought in many things that were never discovered before. Around in the early 2000s, there was this new concept about memes. In this, people were into cracking hilarious jokes with the help of pictures. Not to mention, these pictures were based on movies, series, cartoon and games. These days they are called templates. To get one of yours all you have to do is either download a template generator of androidmemes or find them on the internet. Thousands of them are lying around, grab one for yourself. You don’t have to pay anything for these templates, they are free of cost because these templates are just a screenshot away.
Additionally, you can create android memes by screenshotting screen whilst playing a game or watching a movie. There you, your new template. When you are done creating a template, now is the time to join the long-abandoned war. Occasionally, every month there’s a new template/video to make a meme on. The 12 months of the year are given a unique meme and usually, this single template/video is carried forward for a single month. When the month is over a new template is already on its way. This is a repetitive cycle you can be part of. On social media, people are gaining fame and joining the meme war to sustain their identity, so should you.
For now, you can look up to android memes and then compare them with the iPhone memes. They are quite similar because there is a constant war between Android cellphones and iPhones. So basically, you can join groups on Facebook, Instagram and Reddit to showcase how eligible you are to be a meme expert. Make sure your created memes are not a facsimile of the existing ones, because you never know about the copyright strike. People usually either embed their names or post with the term “Original content” to make sure that the credits go to them. Do the same with your memes too and climb the ranks.

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