Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Why people care about bitcoin explained

Bitcoin in simple words makes it clearer for anyone who wants to invest to make the right decisions. Bitcoin is a digital currency that has been in the system since the year 2009. It is a currency used for shopping. It is used just like other hard money types are used. However, the only difference is that it isn’t controlled by any government or individual. This is what makes it exciting. Due to its feature of not being controlled, it is not manipulated by any specific body.
Bitcoin is decentralized
Bitcoin is a p2p or peer to peer currency that is decentralized. This means that its main location is on a computer. Due to the fact that it is decentralized, it cannot be over released and corrupted. Also, there is no one why can claim they can produce more and so on. So, with bitcoin explained, why do people care so much about this currency now? The love for bitcoin and its use are in its perks or features. For instance, when having transactions done with bitcoin, they happen almost immediately. This means, you do not need to wait for a longer length of time like with physical cash transactions. This makes trading with bitcoins very simple and free.

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