Monday, 1 June 2020

There Are Two Types Of Print Management System

Designed to effectively manage and optimize print devices and processes associated with it, a print management system (PMS) is a software meant to perform the above functions. These software systems also take care of complex tasks like managing quality (nature and volume) of printing materials. Print management has been assigned with tasks of user authentication for access to document print services and printers. Providing security while printing and control of print queues are also some of the software’s features.
Print Management System and its types
There are two types of print management system:
·         Browser style PMS is used to edit Web pages before printing by removing images, watermarks, ads, content or header, and footers.
·         Desktop style PMS are used for displaying print previews, editing documents, and combining multiple print jobs. Their functions apply to both desktop and web browsers. In other words, their function is similar to printer drivers.

Features of the print management system
Not only printing, but various other aspects of printing are managed by the print management system. Aspects like briefs (for mailing and distribution), quick printing, and offset printing are controlled by the software. Management of devices of all kinds like desktop printers, copiers, scanners, high volume printers, and HD printers are done with ease using the software. This software helps you save cost on printing materials and help you focus on editing web pages without breaking the bank. PMS software combines with browser and desktop tools to provide wholesome experience.

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