Friday, 16 August 2019

A guide to buy hip hop chains

Choosing the right hip – hop jewellery is tedious. Here is a guide to choose the best and the right fashionable hip – hop chains
Learn the anatomy of the chain
            One cannot order a gold chain like ordering his grocery. He has to walk into a reputed store. Look for designs. Learn about its bails, paves, inlays.
1.      It is that part of the chain where the pendant is attached. With different options of pendant one can bring out varieties in their jewelleries. It is technically not the part of the chain. This is because it is attached to the pendant.
2.      If the bail stands out odd neither matching the chain nor the pendant, the entire look of the chain can get spoiled.
3.      Some chains do not have a bail. This is common among simple silver and plain gold chains and also in urban jewellery
4.      The bails also come in different sizes, shapes, materials, styles and colors
1.      It is the decorative property of the jewellery
2.      It is that part of the jewellery where the stones are laid.
3.      The inlays should be carefully chosen. Placing a silver inlay over a gold chain is a bad choice. A diamond studded inlay or a ruby inlay on a gold chain looks beautiful. Most of the hip – hop bling chains come with smooth inlay.
4.      While visiting the store, enquire if the inlay can be customised. By this one can add creative unique jewellery to their collection.
Pave is made of diamonds and jewel stones. They are placed close to each other on a separate metal prong. Each diamond is separately arranged on the metal to form a separate bead. This gives a rich look of continuous diamonds.
Fake chains
            Today rather than gold and silver chains fake chains are gaining their popularity. This is mainly due to the varieties they offer as compared to the precious metals. The buyer should only be worried about his looks with the chain on rather than worrying about its originality

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