Friday, 16 August 2019

How to select a good t shirt based on the neck design

The evolution of the first T shirt was in 1800s. Since then there has been a lot of changes in the market.
The fun of buying T shirts lies on the printing of the T shirt. “My Dad thinks I amcool”, “Straight outta mars”, “I miss home”, etc. The printings are always interesting. Some T shirt printing send messages on environment or democracy. Apart from printing the other important factor is the neck line. The neck line is the sole beauty adder of the fabric.
Here is a complete guide on the neck lines available in the market to choose the best T shirt.
Crew neck style
1.      It is characterized by a round neck line
2.      It snugly fits the neck
3.      It is best suited for men with sloped shoulders and long, narrow faces.
The V Neck style
1.      As the name suggests these T shirts come with a V shaped neck
2.      This type of T – shirt gives a slim look to the wearer.
3.      It is good to be paired with an unbuttoned shirt
4.      It suits well for those who have broad shoulders and round faces.

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