Saturday, 10 August 2019

Questions to ask before hiring a DJ

Dance makes an event lively. When the DJ hits the right music for the crowd, none can resists themselves. The party actually begins there. A Calgary DJ can make or break an event. Therefore, one should pay utmost attention while hiring a DJ. Here are some questions to ask the DJ before hiring him
Is this a full-time profession for him?
            It is essential to learn because he should be a successful entertainer. Only a successful entertainer works full time and brings in versality to the floor.
Are wedding his primary focus?
            HE should be multi – tasker performing at various events. This is because diverse work platforms provide opportunity to learn the taste of different crowds,
What corporate clients, clubs or lounges has he performer before?
            Working in a formal environment makes him a better behaver. This is important as his responsibility is huge. He is the sole person taking the responsibility to make the event entertaining and memorable
How does he customize the music for different couple?
            The Calgary wedding DJ should understand the taste, vision and style of the couple. A good DJ asks for special songs close to heart if any. He also asks for must – play and not – to play lists from the organizer.
            Apart from providing the list, ask him about his song list. Provide suggestions then and there. An experienced DJ has separate play lists for every type of customer.

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