Saturday, 10 August 2019

Tips to improve pole dancing skills

If a person sticks to regular routine and practices intensively, he can witness progress. For others it may take time. Here are some suggestions and tips to become better at pole dancing.
Attend classes regularly
            When the dancer attends his pole dance classes regularly, he gets increased opportunities to stay among the tutor to teach new techniques. It also helps to spend more time with other learners that increases the aspiration to learn pole dancing. If one is attending one class per week, try to attend 2 classes. Join pole dancing clubs where students discuss and innovate techniques. This develops the interest in the dancer.
Stick to the work schedule
            The first lesson of pole dance 101 is to keep the body flexible. When one begins his journey of pole dancing the body starts bending, begins to loosen itself to increase its pliability to become flexible.
The flexibility increases along with continuous practice. If a person attends 10 classes and breaks for 3 days, he can join his 11th class after the break. But the flexibility goes back to square 1. He has to practice another 10 classes to regain the same flexibility.
Improve strength and stamina
            Many people are determined at mind. But their physical strength does not cope to practice continually. Such people should do other forms of exercise to increase their stamina, strength and agility. As a pole dancer one can practice workouts like swimming, yoga, gymnastics, aerial hoop, silks and ropes, weight lifting. Circuits, climbing, trapeze, etc to increase their stamina

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