Saturday, 10 August 2019

The ins and outs of a funeral insurance

Nobody would wish for a grand lavish funeral as that of an Egyptian king. However, even the smallest funeral is expensive. And this burden is imposed on the loved ones. One can choose the option of funeral insurance.
The article helps the buyer to get the best burial insurance
Estimate the final expenses
            The person buying the insurance should calculate the costs involved. Apart from this there are also final medical bills, living expenses, legal costs (to obtain death certificate, to get a plot at the cemetery, etc.), credit card bills, etc. Create a rough estimate
            Determine if enough money can be left over for the loved ones after covering the expenses. Consult a financial advisor to find this. Calculate if the survivors have immediate access to pay the bills along with funeral and cremation costs. If yes, the money should reach them on time.
            Based on the above factors make a decision. If a person does not have enough funds to cover the final expenses then final expense insurance is a good option. Even if the person has enough money, one will not want his estate to be depleted by his final expenses. An insurance policy will help to avoid this situation.

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