Saturday, 11 April 2020

How to win free premium accounts on these forums

As far as the prerequisites are concerned about joining ahacking forum, you are supposed to be well versed in the dynamic environment of coding. If you have a good grasp over any programming language and know the norms that could be used for reverse-engineering, then you are welcome in the community. Regardless, you can still enter the community, but don’t be dumbfounded. Participate and make sure that people converse with you on the topic of concerned that is hacking and cracking. These two topics are the life of the community and you are required to at least get benefit out of it for future purposes.
Surprisingly, you can also find some premium accounts on the site. These accounts can be of Netflix, Spotify, or anything social platform that requires you to pay monthly subscriptions. The notion behind these accounts is that the person who cracked them used the algorithm switching and made the combo out of dorks and proxy list. This proxy list enumerates the de-code the decipher text to get a combination of password and the user account. For premium accounts, you would also need a good corpus of keywords that locates the account over the internet. Not to mention, you need not worry about that you are stealing someone’s account because these are accounts abandoned by the user.
On the contrary, if you think you are capable of doing the actual cracking then get your arsenal ready. This process can take up to months to complete with the rigorous implementation of code in the source code. You would require to find the loopholes and exploits in the original application. Sometimes the crack might not work. The notion of crack: it’s the exploited source code, which is copied over the original file to coax the server in believing that paid for the application.

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