Monday, 13 April 2020

Sanitizer Spray Machine: To Maintain Hygiene

Disinfecting and sanitizing a surface is significant to prevent the spread of diseases and illnesses. In schools and colleges, the cold season brings on a rapid increase in absence related to infectious illness. In business either small or large, infirmity related absence causes billions of dollars every year. In hotel, restaurants and other similar food service providers, sanitation and preventing food borne diseases are crucial elements attached to the success of the business. Disinfecting the surface is important for preventing the infections from damaging our health. In the above mentioned situations, how do we ensure that potential contaminated surfaces coming in contact are disinfected and sanitized? Yes, you are right! Sanitizer Spray Machine is the solution.
The modern disinfectant and Sanitizer Spray Machine are using electrostatic technology. It is not a new term for most of us. An electrostatic sprayer releases a positive electric charge that help the spray droplets to attach to the surface same as a magnet. The technique helps the uniform distribution of liquid droplets on the surface. Due to this technique the liquid can reach the out of the sight surfaces that might be missed by usual spray machines. This technology is widely used in cleaning industry these days to spray disinfectants and sanitizers.
The handheld sprayers and backpack sprayers are the most commonly used equipment that use electrostatic technology for spraying sanitizers and disinfectants. These sprayers cover a wide area in very less time due to charges droplets of liquid released by the sprayers. As a result, the surface remains moist for longer time. Sanitizer Spray Machine is powered by rechargeable batteries. The handheld sanitizer spray machine can hold up to 1 liter of disinfectant liquid. For larger areas, backpack sprayers are used. These commercial sized sanitizer sprayers can hold up to 10 liters of disinfectant liquid. These sprayers are easy to use and are capable of covering a large area in very less time.

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