Monday, 6 April 2020

Why login with PIN

If you are in a situation where you have children around the house that want to use your computer for their games or school work and you are concerned about them wreaking havoc on your work files, installing an autologon software might fix your problem. Or if you have a really old computer that has an agonizingly slow startup, the software can make it particularly easy to log back into your computer without entering your password. Even if you are running a small business and have multiple people using the same computer/computers, you can set this software to make certain features accessible to certain people.
The other important aspect of an automatic login software is that is requires login with PIN. Although Windows has an automatic login feature, it has some basic security issues such as the fact that stores data in the system registry or Local Security Authority storage which can both be accessed remotely via a network and provide access to data. However, PINs are better encrypted and most, if not all, pieces of auto login software connect directly with system apps that are responsible for secure login. This ensures that no other applications are able to intercept or access user data remotely.

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