Monday 11 December 2017

Carpet installers- Help you to get rid of your old carpet

Everyone is having the dream of his house. Once the house is fully constructed you need the flooring for this, the tile flooring is helping you. So installing tile floor is the time-consuming work. This work can be accomplished within the time weak. It is the straightforward process, and the result you achieve at the end is efforts of your work.
Steps to be followed in installing the tile flooring
·         The first step is that you have to install the cement board this option is little expensive in nature and will be adding some time to complete the work. But when you are investing both time and money together the result will be worth it.
·         The second step is using mortar and grout which is the chemical used along with cement that means it is mixed up with the cement. After mixing this chemical the cement can cause the skin burn and even can damage your eyes. So the worker should use it with the safety. It is used because it will be making the floor more strong and capable of being used in heavy traffic.
·         The third step is that you have to press down the cement board to the subfloor always start the flooring of tile from the corner of the house you can press down the cement board to the subfloor by just applying your weight. 
·         The fourth step is that continuing laying the mixer of mortar and cement and the plain cement on the floor so that the ends are not joint together and won’t be getting lined up. It will also be providing strength to floors and also make sure that end joints are not in the continuous line.
·         And at last, finish up all the mudding and taping of joints so that the tiles will be properly attached to the floors and is ready to be used by the people.

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