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What is a Bail Bond?





What is a Bail Bond?

Most people are familiar with Lansing bail bonds. Someone arrested on a criminal charge may be held until trial, unless they furnish the required bail. The posting of a bail bond acquired by or on behalf of the incarcerated person is one means of meeting the required bail. When a bond is issued, the bonding company guarantees that the defendant will appear in court at a given time and place. The Government entity (state or federal) in whose court the defendant must appear, is protected by the bond. If the defendant fails to appear, the bond amount becomes payable and is forfeited as a penalty by the surety insurer issuing the bond. Bail bonds usually require collateral (cash, a deed, or other property) to protect the surety.

Lansing Bail bonds are issued by licensed “Bail Agents” who specialize in their underwriting and issuance. Bail agents also are known as bail bondsman act as the appointed representatives of licensed surety insurance company.

What is the purpose of bail?

The purpose of bail is to assure the attendance of the defendant when his or her appearance is required in court, whether before or after conviction.

How much does a bail Bondsman charge?

The cost to the consumer will be in Lansing Michigan 10% of the total amount of the bond, plus actual, necessary and Ingham County Bail Bondsman  reasonable expenses incurred in connection with the transaction. The court determines the amount of the bond.

Any restrictions on how high my bail can be?

Each surety company must file rates with the Michigan Department of Insurance. Bail agents in Michigan must charge the same amount! In Michigan, the rate is 10%.

What can I do if my bail is too high?

The Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution requires that bail not be excessive. This means that bail should not be used to raise money for the government or to punish a person for being suspected of committing a crime. The purpose of bail is to give an arrested person her freedom until he or she is convicted of a crime, and the amount of bail must be no more than is reasonably necessary to keep him or her from fleeing before a case is over.

What can I do if I can’t afford the bail amount?

If you can’t afford the amount of bail on the bail schedule, you can ask a judge to lower it. Depending on the court, your request must be made either in a special bail-setting hearing or when you appear in court for the first time, usually called your arraignment. Ingham County Bail Bondsman












Where You Can Get the Bets TikTok Bots


Where You Can Get the Bets TikTok Bots



TikTok is one of the most widely spread social media platforms in the world. With as many as eight hundred million users, there is a lot of competition on getting views, likes, and even followers. Irrespective of how bad that competition maybe, with the right bots, you can get the best experience with TikTok.

Choosing the best tiktok bots will ensure that you get the necessary promotion that you need, you will be able to get the likes you demand, the following, as well as the views. However, you need a reliable platform that outlines all of the best bots that you need without any bias. With such a platform, you will be provided with every information necessary on the packages for these bots.

With the right bots, you get affordable packages. These packages are designed to meet various needs and are just perfect for whatever your financial capacity is. With the best bots, you are also given as many as seven days of free trials, with no commitment whatsoever.

With the best bots, you also get services of advanced targeting features. This means that the bot targets account with specificity to hashtags that you love and follow, locations for the sake of those who stay around you and may best understand your content and so on. This is the most effective means by which you get more follows. These are services that you can get with tiktok bots.

With this level of efficiency, you may get as many as fifty followers, as well as two hundred followers. This effective means is how you can get your profile really popular and have your brand advertised just the way you like it on TikTok. The time is now to set the ball rolling and get the very best out of TikTok throughput your time of use. Buy TikTok Views 



How to Get More Likes on TikTok: Find Out?


How to Get More Likes on TikTok: Find Out?

Just like every social media platform that you may have come across, TikTok is one that helps you to pass time in a really interesting way as you catch some fun. However, there is more to it. With TikTok, you can have your brand receive the kind of recognition that it deserves. This will however be impossible or very hard when you do not have as many likes as possible.

This is because people tend to believe in posts that have been liked by more people, it proves in some may that the content is really good. More so, it is just really interesting to have as many likes as possible. This is why you need to be aware of better platforms from where you might get tiktok likes. Choosing the right vendor for this is as important as the choice to get it at all in the first place.

First, you need a vendor who is able to deliver very quickly. This matters because it is very important that you get the likes distributed to the posts that you have in the quickest time. This is one way by which you speed up your popularity on TikTok. This is an important aspect that should never be overlooked.

You also need the kind of vendor that makes sure you are able to get these likes at an affordable amount. When you wish to buy tiktok likes, the best vendor ensures that you get as many packages as possible, and all at affordable prices. Then, you can make your choices according to your need and according to how much you can afford for the likes.

Even though you have all of these as the case, it will be of no use if the likes are not real. You need a vendor that makes sure all the likes you are being supplied with are real by a hundred per cent. This is who you uphold the integrity of your TikTok account and allow those who view it to know that you are for real and not a fake.

Choosing the right platform for these likes also means that you will not be charged with hidden costs. This is usually the trickery of some after they claim to have sold these features to you at an affordable price. However, with the best, there are no such things. You can get the likes you desire at the affordable cost alone. In fact, you are started off with a free trial session which has no commitment required to enjoy it. This is simply How to Get More Likes on TikTok and how to remain safe while you get that done as well. Get popular and reach every nook and cranny you need to. best tiktok likes hacks



TikTok Bots: What You Should Know


TikTok Bots: What You Should Know 

There is no news in the fact that TikTok is a fast emerging social media platform and one that has attracted millions of people from every side of this world. One god thing about access to as many people as possible is that you are able to build popularity which becomes a platform for you to advertise and sell your brand as well. However, the bad thing about this also is that there is very high competition amongst others who wish to get the same done as well.

This is so much so, that without reasonable leverage, you will not be able to get things done particularly or you will experience very slow progress. This is why you need to be aware of the leverage you can have with TikTok bots, especially when you choose the best of them. These bots are such that can give you the right exposure that you need to thousands upon thousands, and within a short period of time, it can accrue to you as many followers as possible within a single day and even more of those in likes. This is not a scam, but it is obtained by getting as many people as possible to get a view of what your content is.

In as much as this is an advantage for you, making the right choice of the best tiktok bots is a very important thing. This is because, with the right bits, you are able to record far more advantages. One of those advantages is affordability. With the different bots come to different brands. This is why it is important that you go for the better brand that presents to you affordable packages which you could choose from according to your financial capacity. There is really n pressure for you to make a choice that does not benefit you, and this is why you get a seven-day free trial.

All of these packages have been arranged to meet your needs, allowing you to experience growth in your TikTok account with an affordable amount of money. These packages may be selected based on your need and capability. When you choose the better tiktok bots, you also see how they are able to turn in results faster than what you may have elsewhere, the fastest the better in a case like this because you do not just want your competitors to be ahead of you, this is why you need to go for the best bots.

With the right online platform, the best bots have been outlined for you to pick from. This way, you can make a choice according to your most urgent need in this wise. Check out the best bots and gain your popularity via TikTok in the fastest fashion that there is.  

TikTok tools



Why should you get the services of 360 virtual tour Philippines?


Why should you get the services of 360 virtual tour Philippines?

The journey of any business always demands some media support. If you are doing business in this modern era, it would be impossible for you to get positive growth if you are not keeping your customers updated. As we are living in the era of the internet, websites are a quick source of keeping your customers updated. It ultimately needs some media support that is provided by virtual tour supplier Philippines. If you are living in the Philippines, you will need their support for the better growth of your business. That’s why their services are highly appreciated among all the customers. They provide you with help to grow your local organization into national and international.

If talking about their qualities and services for positive business growth, let’s talk about their qualified staff. Their staff is highly qualified in giving you rotatory pictures of your place. If you want to start any business that needs to clear the site location to the clients, you will always need the help of virtual tour Philippines because they will give you a whole visit of the site on the website. Their qualified team is taking the queries of the customer in a friendly way and the certified specialist is doing their jobs at best. They are providing reliable services in affordable packages that provide the best growth rate. Their services have made them one of the best digital supports of many locally established organizations.

Does the question arise that how do they make the virtual tour possible? And what is the role of these tours? All the customers can't visit a particular place. Here these expert photographers provide their services in capturing the place by 360 degrees. In this way, 360 virtual tour Philippines gives you a complete tour of the place without vising. It saves you precious time and money of traveling from one place to the other place. In this way, their support can help you with your business in a lot of ways. Their help is an additional chunk in your business that can give it a perfect rising slope.

There is no doubt that the virtual tour supplier Philippines is providing the best support to the clients and customers. They have expert photographers that take help from Google. They do everything by keeping in view the terms and conditions of Google. Although, they are not employees of Google their performance has provided them there too. if you have any agency, company, or organization that needs the support of their working ability, you can consult them today. Their amazing working strategy and expert work will win your heart and will provide you best in this digital era. Consult them today for the best media support. virtual tour supplier Philippines


bola88 mobile casino provides you with much more



bola88 mobile casino provides you with much more

A lot of people have ended up regretting their decisions to gamble online because they rushed to sign up to the wrong online casino to begin with. You do not need to worry about these casinos. Just make sure you know what you want and choose them based on that. Just deciding to register to any site because it has a nice casino design is a wrong move. bola88 mobile casino has the best casino design. However, a lot more makes it stand out.

Gamble only when you can

Today, a lot of online bets have landed people into trouble. This means you need to find a way to be out of such cases. Make sure you do that by playing games or placing bets on events you understand. Remember, no one will tease you if you place bets on basketball instead of football. The truth is that you must do what will work for you. This is one of the reasons why bola88 casino exist. In the midst of people, you can decide to pretend. However, via the internet, you do not have to. You are free to do whatever you want.

Privacy at its highest

One reason why a lot of people decide to gamble online is to keep their gambling love a secret. So you see, the online world has so many secrets covered up pretty well. This means you can add yours and have no problems at all. The competition amongst online casinos continue and will always be in existence. This is because every online casino wants to have more and more people. Since they want to have more people, they will do their best to put measures in place to win you over. So, do not be surprised when you see the ads online. However, when you visit bola88 mobileyou will realize that not all casinos are and can be the same. bola88 mobile






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Xe88 Download, the Latest Casino App with Great Safety Features


Xe88 Download, the Latest Casino App with Great Safety Features

People will soon stop using their web browsers to access online casinos. These platforms are great for laptop and desktop users, but mobile device users do not feel comfortable on such a platform. Their devices with much smaller screens do not offer all the exciting features of casino websites. That’s why people are choosing a platform like Xe88 more than online casino websites.

Xe88 Download emerged as a better gambling platform than several other casino apps. It offers you many ways of winning jackpots, super wins, ultimate wins, and huge prizes with big wins. It is one of the latest casino platforms equipped with exceptional gambling features. That’s why thousands of people try Xe88 download every week! Continue reading to explore more about this amazing gambling app.

What is Xe88?

Being a feature-rich Asian casino application, Xe88 may soon become the best platform to bet online. It is widely downloaded and used in Malaysia, Singapore, and several other Asian countries. This platform operates seamlessly on both iOS and Android devices.

Active players call it the best app to discover tremendously entertaining casino games. You will literally get above one hundred games to try your luck. Each game offers a unique theme and a unique set of symbols. You will never feel bored because games with classic, action, fantasy, the animal kingdom, Halloween, and many such themes will keep you entertained throughout the day.

Hence millions of online casino game players now bet through their smartphones, the Xe88 application is designed to run smoothly on all the mobile devices. You can also use its desktop version if you want to enjoy gambling on a big screen, but the mobile platform is perfect to bet real money on the go.

This platform is a great place to find top-rated table games, slot games, fish games, live dealer casino games, and classic games you like to play for making money online. It makes winning a huge sum of money much easier if you own a decent Smartphone. Xe88