Wednesday, 7 December 2016

How to Hang a Hammock Without Trees

Don’t you just hate when you see something that you love, but there is something preventing you from having it? Maybe those gorgeous shoes that you saw at the mall are just a little bit over your budget. Perhaps you are unable to apply for your dream job because you are missing an important certification. What if you want to hang a hammock, and you have no trees in the backyard? Luckily, that last situation can be remedied quite simply!
A hanging chair is similar to a hammock in regards to its purpose. It hangs from a high place and is used for sitting, lounging and relaxing. You cannot lie down in a hanging chair, so it is normally used for activities such as reading. If you only have a singular tree in your yard, you could hang this chair from a sturdy branch. Otherwise, you could hang it from an arbor post or a porch ceiling. Hammocks generally do not need any tools to install. Just make sure that everything is tight and secure.
A free standing hammock may be exactly what you are looking for! With a stand, hammocks are not required to hang from tree branches. You can place them wherever you like in the yard, without any restrictions. These are nice because they save space if you have a smaller outdoor area. The stand will typically be made out of a material such as steel, so that it can support the weight of at least one (or multiple) adults. Some of these models will come with wheels, so that they are easier to move around if desired.

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