Wednesday, 28 June 2017

The Shepard’s Diet Details

Kristina Wilds is the creator of The Shepherd’s Diet and she proclaims it to be a total health transformation diet plan. She says that following The Shepherd’s Diet Plan one can lose all the body fat. But on the contrary, she belief on having a diet full of fat, sweet and salt for reducing the body fat. Whilst these are the major culprits for numerous health related issues. Therefore The Shepherd’s Diet sounds really contrasting. And this is the reason why it fails totally to give the desired results. It is laughable to believe that eating fatty foods will help you to get rid of your body fat. In fact, it will increase the sluggish fat around the belly and make you unappealing than before.
According to the author, The Shepherd’s Diet follows the teachings of the Bible for being fit and healthy. It concentrates the energy of a person in listening to what your body needs. It says that your body knows what it desires at the moment and you need to follow it. Well, if this is the case then my body at this time is craving for a large size pizza. Is it going to do any good for my health in any way? Of course, not. Also, The Shepherd’s Diet encourages to indulge in eating food with healthy fats to retain the calorie requirements of the body. I really don’t understand the concept of this diet plan. It is giving a direct challenge to the medically proven fact that fatty foods will increase the fat of the body.

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