Friday, 23 March 2018

Eye melanoma treatment- finds the doctor online for it

In this article, there are two stages of eye melanoma treatment- stage 1 and stage 2. Both the stages necessary to treat this critical disease and stage one is the piece of number staging system means your eye melanoma is at an before time stage. It is not just in your skin, and there is no any symptom which it has reached out to lymph nodes even others parts of the body. Stage 1 is divided into mainly two parts 1A and 1B.
 Stage 1A-
Stage 1A leads to all of the given below-
         Eye melanoma is not more than 1mm thick
         A tumor does not know broke if it is cover with the layer of skin
         It has the mitotic rate which is not more than 1/mm
The mitotic rates explain many of cells which are in the procedure of separating in a specific amount of eye melanoma tissue.
Stage 1B-
         Stathe melanoma also has the mitotic rate which is 1mm thick even skin is ulcerated
         It also has the mitotic rate which is not greater than 1 mm
         It is between 2 to 3 mm, and it is not broken
Stage 2-
Stage two is separated into three parts 1A, 2B, and 2C
Stage 2A-
         It is between 3 to 4 mm and not ulcerated
         The melanoma of the eye is about 2mm thick and is broken
Stage 2B-
         It is thick over than 4mm even is not broken
         Also, the melanoma is between 2 or 4mm thick, or it can be ulcerated
Stage 2C
         This is the last stage means the melanoma is thicker about 4mm
         It is also ulcerated
What are you waiting for? These were two stages according to which doctors treat your disease. Explore one of the great doctors online, and for more info, you can call integrative oncology.

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