Friday, 27 April 2018

The parking aid from beeping in the event of obstacles to the automatic parking assistant

The high-tech solution impresses with a built-in high-quality reversing camera. In this way, the driver with integrated camera system will recognize the complete rear space of the car on a built-in monitor in the vehicle console and conveniently park in a few moves. Especially the latest models of the car industry are often designed extremely aerodynamic and the viewing angle through the rear window extremely limited. Reverse parking without parking aid is hardly possible with these modern vehicle models.

Of course, the variant with rear-view camera has limits. An even more elegant option is a parking aid with state-of-the-art parking sensors that can accurately detect distances to other cars, posts, traffic signs or other objects via ultrasound. The design of these high-performance sensors was largely developed in the Osram Group. The basic principle of this function as a parking aid is easy to understand. The more sensors are installed on the vehicle, the more accurate the system will locate the distances. These sophisticated systems are available as a parking aid for retrofitting in the trade and can be mounted with a few manual skills. Compared to pre-installed systems of the well-known automobile companies are the parking aid Options for retrofitting considerably cheaper.

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