Saturday 6 June 2020

Wear A Face Mask to Protect Yourself from Viral Infections

In the present times, words like face mask, quarantine, gloves, hand sanitizers, home schooling, self isolation, lockdown and much more are very commonly said and heard. Everyone is concerned about their health and wellbeing and is carrying out safety measures to stay safe in the current pandemic situation. Nowadays, many people ask if the anti-viral face masks are safe and keep them healthy. If you are keen to know about this too, continue reading this short article and know about the face masks we are advised to wear to help protect ourselves against COVID-19 pandemic.

There is no doubt that if you are sick and get infected, it is better to protect others around you and wearing mask is the very first step you can take to do so. In addition to that, if you are at such a place where sick or infected people are around you, it is better to keep yourself protected and wear a face mask. Not all the face masks available in the market are capable enough to offer 100% protection against the infection but still they act as a barrier against the airborne infection.

By the beginning of 18th century, surgical face masks were considered quite useful and doctors started wearing them especially in the operation theatres. With the influenza break out in 1918, these surgical face masks became very popular and were used at a global level. Later on, studies proved that surgical masks are a great source to keep you protected against viral infections. Researchers have found that these surgical masks are good enough to offer protection against the big droplets of virus floating in the air by 25 times.

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