Monday 10 July 2017


Today every small business owner understands the need to be on the internet. In fact, not only that ---- they need to be found by their prospective customers easily and at the point when they need information or are ready to make a purchase. This is what Search engine optimization is about (SEO). The dilemma these business owners face is, they don’t know the best SEO companies for small business and most times the popular and big agencies they know costs a lot to hire their service.
This is the dilemma, as a small business owner what are you going to do? Are you going to wing it yourself ---- invest your time to learn and do it yourself and hope for the best? Or perhaps hire a full-time employee to handle the search optimization for your business. These are options you could explore, but the real question is, What is it going to cost your business to take any of those routes?
You need SEO for your small business no doubt, but you don’t have the financial outlay to hire a big agency --- no problem, and also you can’t afford the high overhead cost associated with employing an SEO staff, what do you do?
Have you thought of hiring a freelance SEO consultant? Now, this is the route we recommend for your small business. This option is an intersection of the good attributes between contracting an agency and taking on a full staff without taking on the undesirable aspect.

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