Monday 10 July 2017

British company than it is attractive

Russian-speaking businessmen establish an English company for various reasons. We want to highlight just a few of them. This is primarily:
• the safety of the property of the English company,
• the decision of all legal disputes through the British court,
• low price of registration and opening of the high speed,
• the absence of bureaucracy.
Price Ltd British company is only 100 pounds, and the opening time of 24 hours. Required documents include a copy of your passport and proof of address. Most importantly, there is no need for personal presence.
In the UK there are two main forms of companies for the conduct of small and medium business is a Ltd (Limited liability company) and LLP (Limited Liability Partnership). We consider in more detail the types of companies to follow our articles. Another reason - is the stability of the economy and protect the company's state laws. After the start of the British Union of the Euro exit process, the number wishing to register a company from Eastern Europe has increased dramatically. Interesting fact: in the past year, most companies in the UK have opened the inhabitants of Poland, followed by China.
Another reason - a geographic location. United Kingdom - European country and it is important that the main language of the country in English, that is, an international business language that (good or bad), most of us were taught in school. In our view, it plays an important role and that the British company is considered the most prestigious and reliable worldwide.

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