Thursday 17 January 2019

How does culture influence children's fashion

Clothing is the way in which we show our tastes to other people, in addition to showing a lot of our personality. It can be said that the current dress is a reflection of popular culture in the world, both in young people and in adults.
In the case of the Moda infantil this is fulfilled in the same way, with the difference that children cannot choose much of the clothes they use. The purchase of children's clothing is done following many societal standards, where boys have colored clothes like blue or green and girls have clothes like pink and red.
These tastes are also established according to the preferences of the child with respect to television or other forms of entertainment. For example, Marvel clothing is usually related to boys, since this genre is the one that enjoys much more the superhero movies of marvel, which are very popular nowadays.
As another example we can talk about the pyjama for girls. In this case, the preferences of girls are usually related to characters such as Disney princesses or female characters in television cartoons. Then, many of the children's clothes are used depending on their preferences.

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