Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Video wall and its types

Have you ever heard of a video wall? Video wall consists of the multiple monitors of computers. A video projectors or a kind of televisions.  These includethe latest technologies like LCD panels, direct view LED arrays etc. There are 3 components which are basic for a video wall system.
1.      Video walls are mostly made with tiles which are arranged the monitors, like tiles andthese, create a large display surface like HD. They are available in a large variety of technology like LCD, LED, projection etc. Each of them gives special advantages and disadvantages in the brightness, reliability, and other factors. These video wall can be built in any types such as 3D shapes, flat, or curved.
2.      The second component is the Video wall controller,this helps the content or the source to display. These send the command which we make and controls through the software, and that sends the content to the display which arranges or adjusts the subjects to us. These controllers allow all the individual to the video wall which works together as a single canvas.
3.      The last component is video wall Software these supplies the interface to control the displays or the other sources. Most of the software’s allowusto choose the content and display it on the wall.
As we all know thatwe are in a place where the technology is more advanced and yes for the video walls there are 4 types and these are LCD, LED, blend projection system rear projection system.

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