Tuesday 19 March 2019

Grab The Prize With Khanapara Teer Result Of March 15, 2019

Khanapara Teer Result Of March 15 will be announced soon by Official Teer Authority. Two results are announced everyday. For the first round,at 3:30 PM and the second round at 4:30 PM. Teer Game is conducted by archery clubs. Archers from these clubs come together to play this game.

A person can win up to 80 rs for every 1 rs. If  person is able to predict the numbers for both the rounds then winning amount is much higher. As high as Rs 4000 for every 1 Rs. This Teer game of greed, dreams, luck and tradition has kept the betting game alive and well in state.

Multiple groups of clubs participate in the popular betting sport. Before you predict any number or calculate the tricky dream numbers, you must first know about the history and current information. Currently, there are 12 clubs in Shillong where archers join and perform the game.

These clubs are Wahingdoh, Mawlai, Rangbiria, Laitumkrah, Pynthor, Kathuplang, Bedeiplang, Laikor, Laban, Senglang, Malki, Jaiaw. Collect insight knowledge of all the clubs and their history for at least three months in order to predict the correct dream number. Analyze it properly and then play a game.

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