Saturday 30 March 2019

How To Make Beautiful Anime Figures

You are trying to draw your own beautiful anime figures and it is getting tiring, here are some tips on how you can be more creative to draw better. And if you want to build up your own story using a very popular anime for excitement, here are some ways you can design interesting characters.
o    Try to design them according to their blood type. It is conventionally used to convey someone's personality in Japan. It is another way to imagine the kind of character you want to design. The different blood types we have and their traits are;
Type O: High level of confidence and optimism at a high level. They can't be predicted and little selfish.
Type A: Very stubborn but responsible and creative.
Type B: Not responsible but agile
Type AB: Forgetful and a little trait of arrogance.

o    Depending on the way you want to buttress their physical appearance, you have to determine their age. Make sure you have a good choice of giving your best anime figures cool ages.Try as much as possible not to choose their age due to how well they are designed or how much it took you to get them well designed. For entertainment sake, make sure you target the audience amazement and curiosity on how a baby-looking character would have lived for 300 years.

o    For you to really have a very clear idea of a fully formed Anime Nendoroid, you can try to make some personality tests or even read up on personalities. All of these go a very long way in choosing personality types. Your characters need to have various psychology traits, which will attract your audience and help you in the sales of great anime characters. 

You should make sure that your anime figures have different psychological traits. The negative and the positive traits, which a character must possess, should be considered greatly. There should be s balance of trait. Otherwise, you tend to give your audience a clear imagination of your designs, which will overshadow them with boredom. You need to know how to make your bestanime figures have the positive trait to make them seem real and be believed by your audience.

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