Sunday 14 April 2019

How to say if the website is safe for watching movies?

The URLs are the address of the website a link is taking the user. The URL might read different and might perform a different action. Therefore to watch and stream movies online safely hover the mouse over the URL. For instance, the URL might read, instead of This trick is used by most of the phishing sites.
Phishing sites are the web pages that fraudulently acquire user information like email id or even bank details. IT might say “Sign up to watch the video”. The truth is the video will not be available even after signing up.
Check HTTPs
            HTTP is Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. HTTPS is HTTP secured. The secured HTTP holds certificate from SSL. Therefore these sites can be trusted. IT is safe not to visit the HTTP sites. Look for HTTP in the beginning of the web address.
Website safety check tool
            There are many tools provided by the search engines for safe browsing. Install them to have a safe browsing!

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