Friday 12 April 2019

Important features of modern farmhouse plans explained

Farmhouses in America have evolved over the years. It was originally intended as a dwelling for an agricultural family. Things have changed and now contemporary farmhouse plans have distinct and deliberate architectural style. The modern farmhouse house plansare finding popularity in North America in their original country context and in the urban neighbourhoods also. Farmhouse style is traditional and simple with wide-open porches. Practicality reigns over other aspects in contemporary farmhouse plansas is evident from the open porches, deep angles and pitches throughout the floor plan. Some common and important traits of contemporary farmhouse house plans are given below.
·         Farm houseare designed with practicality so that it can be used for living also
·         The floor plans are straightforward and simple as revealed from its common rectangular shape.
·         Welcome porches can be used as area for indoor-outdoor transition.
·         End of roof contains side gables, which are deeply pitched.
·         There will be a formal receiving room that will be very useful for social gatherings.
·         Fireplace becomes the centrepiece of the farmhouse.
Traditional farmhouses
Traditional farmhouses have a special position in the rural landscape of America as against the modern farmhouse plans, which are just building or sheds intended for specific purposes. They are characterized by their usefulness rather than appearance or form. The contemporary farmhouse house plans show longstanding evidence of local resourcefulness and practicality. Traditional farmhouses were constructed using local or, rural materials.It is often done as a DIY activity by the farming community itself. This fact was revealed by a study conducted about traditional as well as modern farmhouse plans in the fields of Montana to the plains of Texas. It is revealed that traditional farmhouse plans are drastically against the present trend in modern farmhouse house plans where all types of materials are used

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