Friday 20 September 2019

Various methods involved in intermittent fasting

Being fit and slim is becoming everyone wish, these days. But making it happen needs lot of hard work and a proper diet to be followed. One diet which has been preferred by most of the people will be jejumintermitente as it has showed results to some people and caused weight loss, improve metabolic health.
This plan is so famous because it has various options that will suit everyone, even to the people who doesn’t want to cut out their favorite food in name of diet. Some of the famous types or methods of intermittent fasting which is in existence are discussed below.
16/8 method
In the intermittent fasting procedures, this one is the most followed methods where the fasting involves for 14-16 hours every day and restricting the eating window of a person to 8-10 hours for a day. Within this window, one can eat 2 or more meals as per their wish. This fasting will be easy for people who are basically morning breakfast skippers as 16 hour break will easier to achieve for them. This method is also known as the lean gains protocol and mostly recommended to women.
5:2 diet
This fasting usually involves eating for 5 days in a week at normal rate while restricting other 2 day’s calories to 500-600 in a total of two days. This diet is also called as fast diet and women are recommended to have 500 calories in total on the fasting days and men should have 600 calories i.e. 250 to 300 calories per day of fasting.

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