Thursday 26 September 2019

What are the benefits of business globe awards

The marketing agency sympathizes with the efforts that small businesses strive to make their customers happy each day and to be recognized. Since most small businesses cannot afford a marketing budget, business globe awards take the initiative to promote their companies everywhere, free of cost, so they can be acknowledged and become relatively presentable.
The criteria for nomination:
Companies can self nominate themselves on the website. After this, the marketing agency contacts the company that has self-nominated and if the company voluntarily decides to participate, they are required to fill out a form.Then the support members of BGA gather information about the nominated business, prepares a report to be submitted to the jury. The company is notified via e-mail about the nomination.
Business globe awards reviews:

As far as the reception is concerned, the companies that were nominated or self-nominated appreciate the initiative taken up by BGA to promote small businesses.
Some concerns were highlighted regarding payment and giving out CC information but since the marketing agency does not require any of that and is working free of cost, it is safe to be nominated or self nominate.

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