Thursday, 21 May 2020

The steps to host a blog with the help of wordpress tutorials are explained

Just by logging on to you can gain access to free wordpress services. Here you can register for free, which enables you to create a free blog. If you select this option, you will get a website address and it will be displayed like “ Here you can register and create a free blog.Such blogs are generally intended to give vent to your personal ideas and for your personal use. But if you want it ina more detailed manner then hosting under wordpress platform has to be done using shared hosting space. This will be reasonably priced and will be the most suitable method for your purpose. When you are just starting out your first blog using wordpress tutorials, there is no need to go for dedicated hosting.

For hosting in wordpress blog you will have to log on to wordpress.organd download the new version of thewordpress software. Once you complete this process you will have to start the five-minute guide or free wordpress tutorials which explains everything step by step. It is much simpler than one often thinks.
The script program known as Fantastico can be used for installing and hosting the wordpress blog. This program will be able to carry out all hard works like allocating necessary files in the appropriate areas for your blog so that it runs in the normal manner. The installation is really easy and quick and does not need any technical expertise or help form a wordpress agency.

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