Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Vegan béchamel (bechamel vegana) for lasagna

Do you love creamy pasta or anything creamy but you have recently been vegan and it is taking its toll on you? May be you were never a big meat lover but you definitely loved the creamy béchamel sauce and other creamy recipes and now your life seems so boring when you have stopped yourself from using dairy products along with all other forms of animal products. If you are missing creamy saucy food, there are many easy ways of having the same consistency as before. You just need to learn new recipes. Go for vegan béchamel (bechamel vegana) instead of the traditional one.
Life does not stop for you when you choose to be a vegan. If your conscience does not allow you to eat from animals and not use anything that you think belongs to the animals and humans have no right to those things, then you can simply look for some substitute for your favorite foods. If you loved white sauce pastas and cheesy stuff, you can learn easy recipes to make these things with plant based cheeses and plant based milks. You can add plant milk to make your vegan sauce. Go for béchamel without milk (bechamel sin leche) with full confidence because the taste does not change.

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