Wednesday 24 July 2019

Read this if you’re considering quitting weed

There are many smokers around the globe who deal with the problems of being stuck with a drug that can induce temporary happiness. Although these factors play a huge role in one's social spheres, they could end up questioning how to stop smoking weed. With such an important question, one must know what he is consuming first and how it affects their body physically and mentally in that high state that they seem to crave. Understanding the problem can help best alleviate it in the future. Similarly, not knowing how to deal with your issue can easily make it into an undesirable exchange for you. Having the ability to choose a third option is what gives humans an edge over animals, we can mold our habits and thoughts to what we perceive are best for us and our wellbeing.

There are many reasons that could make one consider quitting weed for good. Some of these reasons can be a lack of motivation overall, an eating disorder of sorts caused by heavy marijuana use and other problems include the lackadaisical approach to social interactions and a constant fear of developing some sort of cancer. Although these symptoms seem light in comparison to what the side effects of other hard drugs can be, they do tend to pile up and become an absolute horrid chore for most who want to remedy themselves of such trivial issues. Marijuana, hashish and weed are interchangeable and all are derived from the same species of plants. All of them share semi psychedelic properties, not only that, THC is a common element of these drugs and consuming it so can end up making you dependent on the THC itself. 

There are other symptoms like memory loss and poor motor control that can end up plaguing one's quality of life simply on the basis of how they will most likely underperform any given task. If, save for certain cases, one assumes that marijuana can help them focus better or do their tasks faster, the time distortion and lack of motivation end up playing a huge hindering role in your day to day life. This is why you should be aware of how to stop smoking weed and work on finding a solution to this problem that affects more and more individuals around the globe daily. 

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