Monday 29 July 2019

The role of government in providing equal opportunities

In most developed countries of the world, the various building projects that go on in such places have some definite features that cannot be compromised for anything. It is on this basis, that the buildings, when completed, stands as the best in the provision of all that is necessary for easy access in and out of the building. One of the fixtures that cannot be compromised is the ramp (rampe d'accès). This is an elevated or inclined plane sometimes made of concrete that allows easy access for equipment and motility devices. Some of these ramps are called Removable ramps (rampes amovibles) because they are portable and can be installed and removed later.

Furthermore, those who are physically challenged and are using wheelchairs for movement round the town should be given equal opportunity of entry and exit into public places by the provision of wheelchairramp (rampe fauteuil roulant). Apart from this, there are places that need an elevation or inclination as it were in order to facilitate free movement of persons and sometimes vehicles. In this case, the use of pmrramp(rampe pmr) is therefore essential. In fact, there are laws that now guide the inclusion of these ramps in buildings and many builders are now being compelled to include ramps in the design of whatever building that are undertaking and also it is compulsory that ramps are made to a building if it is projected to be a public place.

Conclusively, apart from the heavy use of ramps in industrial building and settings, there are also other places where the equipment is used for other places. Public building and places especially are centers that must possess this facility and there are governmental regulations concerning this. In all, there are regulations as to how long and raised ramps can be, so that is made with the prescribed specifications. These specifications are calculated with a particular formula known to civil and building engineers. This handicapped ramp (rampe handicapé)can be made of concrete or wood. However, the removable ones are made of aluminum.

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