Thursday 25 July 2019

Some easy methods for getting Cheaper Train Tickets explained

Some commonly used methods for obtaining Cheap Train Fares while travelling in trains are discussed below.

  1. Split ticketing: This is a cool method to save the fareone has to spend for buying tickets for train travel. In this method, Cheaper Train Tickets are purchased for two trips making the single trip partitioned into two for the purpose of buying of tickets only. Some people are not willing to adopt this method thinking there is something not legal in doing so. But such an action is not illegal and is allowable according to the conditions of national rail carriage. For example, a person travelling from London to Glasgow normally can cost 200 pounds. But if you can take a ticket from London to Stanford and another ticket from Stanford to Glasgow in the same train it will cost you only 100 dollars. This is simply to save the fareby 50%.

As there are a number of stops and routes split ticketing becomes a tricky matter. But there are some handy tools, which can be very useful in splitting the train ticket for a journey in such a manner that it helps the user to get Cheaper TrainTickets

2. Ralilcards: Railcards are available to commuters based on their age and some other factors. It is an easy method to save up to 30% and get Cheap Train Fares. For people who rarely travels in trains a railcard may not prove very beneficial, as one has to pay a minimum of 30 pounds for obtaining a railcard. It is considered that if a person spends at least ninety dollars towards train charges then railcard can give him good option to save the fare. These cards are available for all commuters who are under the age of 25 and above the age of 60. Different types of railcards that are available for a commuter are detailed below.
        16-25 railcard
        Two together railcard
        Senior railcard
        Disabled person’s railcard
        Family rail card
        Railcard network railcard

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