Wednesday 26 February 2020

6 piece puzzle ring resembles a knot or a pretzel

You can buy a 6 piece puzzle ring set with precious or semi-precious stones. They make a perfect gift for a relative, friend, spouse or very likely a fiancé. The legend says this ring was created by a Turkish nobleman for his wife to keep her faithful to him while he went away on business. The ring was designed as a puzzle so that if his wife would take it out it the bands would fall apart and be hard to put back together. Thus, judging her to have been unfaithful in his absence. These rings offer a mythological flair. They symbolize Celtic heroes and myths. Seeing someone wearing these rings brings back stories of knights and damsels. Unlike in the past, the puzzle rings available today do not come apart that easily. If you have a puzzle ring that has come apart and you are unable to put it back together, look for available solutions online now.
Buy gold puzzle rings now available in a varied number of styles and of different metals and stones to meet the taste and purpose of every person. These rings are available ranging from simple style to extremes of ornate. The puzzle rings that have heavier bands are meant for men. while those with few bands and lighter are preferred for women as engagement or wedding rings. These rings of late have become a fascinating option to single-band traditional rings.

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