Friday 21 February 2020

Find out more about cloud hosted pbx

The term pbx is short for private branch exchange. This is something that is commonly used by most business enterprises. It may not be well known by business enterprises that are not technologically based. Even for most of the business enterprises that are technology-based, cloud pbx just started gaining popularity amongst them in recent decades although the inception of this innovation far exceeds the stated period.

Before the cloud system was introduced, what was commonly used as an onsite system in which the business enterprise that owned and ran it was solely responsible for the operation and maintenance of the system. If the difference between the system that runs on a cloud and the system that is run on-site is to be properly understood, then one must clearly understand what the private branch exchange popularly known as pbx is all about.

The private branch exchange (pbx) is basically a system for telephones within an enterprise especially those that are technologically based. This system is what is responsible for the switching of calls between the users in the enterprise. The call switch between enterprise users is on local lines although all the users have a certain number that is shared for external phone lines. It is important to state that the private branch exchange is owned by the enterprise. The operations on the pbx are also handled by the enterprise and not the telephone company as most people may easily assume. 

The utilization of the cloud hosted pbx is presently more popular amongst enterprises than enterprises owning and running theirs. It is not surprising that most enterprises have accepted this type of system given that it is more suitable and them. On the other hand, the vendors that are responsible for the provision of the cloud services for enterprises that are interested also benefits from the patronage of the enterprise.

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