Friday 28 February 2020

Make sure you enjoy your pregnancy (embarazo) journey and the accompanying unique experiences

The pregnancy (embarazo) stage is unlike any other stages during a woman’s life journey and every pregnancy will not be the same. The most reliable and earliest sign of pregnancy is a missed period. However, some women bleed a little or notice spotting, and this is referred to as implantation bleeding. The most common sign of pregnancy is the morning sickness, nausea. Some even go through this symptom during the day. You will experience this symptom when your around 4 to 6 weeks pregnant.
During pregnancy (embarazo) some women go through strange smells, tastes and cravings.You will feel the urge to pee often even during night-time. You will experience your breast feeling tender and become bigger. After completion of the pregnancy period, you will have to be prepared for childbirth (parto).  So far as labor and birth is concerned, every woman goes through a different experience. It's beyond prediction what kind of labor you will have to go through and its duration.  
Educate yourself about the process of childbirth (parto). This will give you a dose of confidence and comfort.  During your pregnancy, your cervix is closed with mucus to keep infection at bay. Your cervix offers a strong base to your womb. The contractions during your first stage of labor allow your cervix to open gradually. This is often known to be the longest stage of labor. Then, you will experience irregular contractions, and this can last to indefinite hours in rare cases even days before your in established labor.

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