Sunday, 22 March 2020

Is this erasuitable for one to become a digital entrepreneur

The marketing gurus are telling that jobs are under threat as the products produced by the laborer are coming from other countries at cheaper prices and therefore nobody wants the employers to continue any more. If the government is not intervening in a timely manner the economics of the country may deteriorate, and many workers may find themselves jobless. Under this scenario many workers are trying to bring impressive changes by turning to become a digital entrepreneur. Many workers who are displaced from jobs are going back to schools and online universities to learn new skills and to retain their existing jobs under threat. About one or two decades ago no training was available for those who were displaced.

Entrepreneurship has gained acceptance as a successful career path after tech leaders like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates etc. became the leader of workflow productivity. The public has understood the potential of highly motivated and idea-driven individuals. New factors like the internet, increased negotiation opportunities with suppliers and availability of cheap office space etc. became the driving forces for the success of the new digital entrepreneur.
However, there are some obstacles also for the smooth and well-balanced growth of workflow productivity. The taxes one must pay while trying to become and establish as adigital marketer is very high and unacceptable. Banks are still unfriendly and stingy.

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