Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Tips to carry out Corona disinfection (Corona Desinfektion) for myself and my family

A new member in the group of virus family named the coronavirus family has been detected in 2019 and it is known as coronavirus 2. The disease spread by this virus is known as covid-19. The outbreak of the disease began in China in the year 2019. As this disease has already caused more then24,000 deaths the entire scientists and doctors in the world are trying their best to find disinfection Stuttgart (Desinfektion Stuttgart).

What can I do to prevent getting infected?

The World Health organization and the United States committee for disease control have recommended the following precaution to be followed by every person so that the Corona disinfection Stuttgart (Corona Desinfektion Stuttgart) can be controlled effectively.
        Avoid large gatherings and celebrations for easy and fast Corona disinfection (Corona Desinfektion).
        Avoid close contact with anyone who is considered to be sick or showing symptoms of covid-19 by keeping a minimum distance of 2 meters between him and you.
        Wash your hand as often as possible for at least twenty seconds using an alcohol based hand sanitizer or a soap.
        Cover the mouth and nose when somebody is sneezing or coughing or use your elbow tocoveryour mouth. Throw away the tissue paper if you are using it.
        Do not touch your eyes or nose or mouth when your hands are not clean
        Disinfect and clean all the surfaces that you regularly touchon a daily basis to expedite Corona disinfection (Corona Desinfektion).

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