Saturday 24 August 2019

Jubilee Auditorium Edmonton And It's Specialties

The Jubilee Auditorium is known as the northern Alberta Jubilee auditorium and is an auditorium of performing arts, culture and community center that is located in Edmonton, Alberta. This auditorium was built in the year 1995 on the land adjacent to the University of Alberta to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Alberta. The auditorium belongs to the government of Alberta. The auditorium is very famous in the city of Edmonton and a lot of shows and opera events take place in this auditorium. This auditorium is also very huge and has a very good capacity of holding a huge number of people at once in it.
How many people can this theatre hold at once?
The jubilee auditorium edmonton is very huge build near the University of Alberta. This auditorium was built to celebrate the silver jubilee of the university itself and this is why this auditorium is also named as a jubilee auditorium. This auditorium is huge and is built on an area of around thirteen acres. This can hold approximately 2,538 people on three levels. There is also a banquet room, a meeting room, a rehearsal hall and a luxury suite available for rent as well. The auditorium underwent a lot of renovations as well.
Why is this auditorium so famous?
The Jubilee auditorium is very famous as it is one of the largest auditoriums in the world has a capacity of holding a lot of people at once. This auditorium is also a very beautiful building to look at and is very famous for this as well. This is also one of the most famous buildings in Edmonton.

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