Thursday 22 August 2019

The Best Verizon Cell Phone Booster Explained

If you made it this far, we’re going to dive deeper into each booster mentioned above. Describing the differences for each one and determine if you really need the best one, or if a cheaper version will work.

1. Weboost Drive 4G-X – Best Mobile Verizon Signal Booster 2016
The best mobile repeater hands down is the 4G-X Model, however the benefits over its price need to be looked at closely. It can be more than $100 more expensive than a similar model. This booster is only required for extreme fringe areas where upload speed is important for the user.

Upload speed is the measurement for how quick it can do things such as add photographs to social media websites, or videos to the internet. All devices have some upload speed, it’s used constantly for instant messaging for example, or sending replies to comments. However the amount of information you upload is much less than you download. Generally the upload speed is slower than a download speed due to it’s lower requirement. They can use the maximum amount of signal for downloads this way.

It’s times like these when the Weboost 4G-X can shine. Many times the people that use these devices are in the mountains or in desert areas where there is no cell service for miles. Areas such as the North Dakota oilfields or any oilfields in the Western United States will use cell phone boosters heavily. If you have ever lived anywhere where there is an oil boom you will notice lots of full-size trucks that have small stubby antennas on. This is the cell phone booster antenna nearly every single one of them have. One of the things that sets this booster apart from other ones is how you can use multiple cell phones from multiple providers at once. It also allows you to sit further away from the inside and you don’t have to use a cradle.

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