Saturday 24 August 2019

Tips on how to be good at riming

Whether you call it ass licking, butt munching or rimming, it is one of the nastiest and the most adventurous sex acts that people love to do. Everyone loves to have their ass eaten every now and then and the pleasure that comes after is incomparable. Butt is a very intimate space of a body and sharing it with someone is a big step of trust and security. It takes a lot of confidence and connection to let somebody close your intimate areas, especially below the belt. Therefore, if you are getting to go down on your partner, you must satisfy them and win their heart forever.
To make things easier for you, below mentioned are some tips that can help you rim your partner’s mind off in no time:
·         Love the target area:
To begin with, if you want to ace rimming, you need to fall in love with your partner’s butt. You must see it as the sexiest, most delicious and cutest piece of the butt that you want to get your hands on.
·         Clean it up:
Although it totally depends on your convenience, it’s better to get your partner’s butt clean so that the experience gets much better. You can even use soaps that do not change the pH of their skin to add fragrance to their skin.
·         Release all the douche before the session:
To make sure you get a long rimming session with your partner, you need to make sure you have gotten all douche out of your butt so that you don’t have to hop in the shower time and again. The key to this is to not rush and let your body take its time.
·         Avoid excessive cleaning:
While you get ready to make the night even happening, make sure to not over-clean your butt. When you do so, you tend to remove the important fluids that help in the release of waste from your body.
·         It’s better to wait:
Always avoid starting as soon as you get out of the loo. It’s wise to wait for at least 10-15 minutes so that any excess trapped water goes out. To make sure this happens, try lie facing your left, this will make the process quicker.
·         Check your diet:
To clean your butt, using a lot of water directly on it is pointless and can be harmful in many ways. Instead, try to eat healthy and sweet foods and avoid red meat. Onions, garlic, cabbage should be avoided if you want your butt to smell and taste better.

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