Friday 25 October 2019

An overview of immigration medical tests

You will get an information sheet as well when you will leave the office of the doctor. This sheet will have your case number and the picture. This will help you track the complete progress through the online system of immigration.
The website provides complete information about the process and whether it is accepted or rejected.
Medical reports and booking
Most of the medical reports are submitted within the next 10 days. Visit site for online booking. If you are going with a large group, get in touch with the office first for the appointment.
Copy of your report
You can also take a copy of your report with yourself but for that, you need to speak with the secretary at the office about it.
Make sure you bring all of your relevant reports with yourself; this will help the doctors in your medical examination.
Blood samples
The panel physicians need your blood samples for the complete report. Make sure that you are mentally prepared for the blood samples.
There are different prices for immigration tests. You can visit site and check all of their rates. They do not accept any card; the payment is in the form of cash only.
These examination panels are available for the customers six days a week; you can check the timing from their website. They are closed on Sunday.

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