Wednesday 16 October 2019

How many races has mike wainwright won

Racecar driver, mike wainwright, has had ups and downs in his career like every other racer. Mike is reported to have started racing in 2010, which was his first-ever documented race in Dubai 24hrs. He was representing Gulf Team First and along with his teammates, placed tenth in the standings. He drove a Lamborghini Gallardo in his first race. After having moderate success from 2010 to 2014, he hit the highest point of his career in 2015. 

Wainwright’s highest-scoring races:
2015 proved to be the best year for Mike when he scored 56 points along with his teammate Adam Carroll in European Le Man Series, in the GTE class. This was the year when he secured his first-ever racing win.
After his Le Man Series success, mikewainwright took part in nine racing competitions in 2016. All nine races were held under the banner of FIA World Endurance Championship, 2016. This race was a great chance for Mike and his teammates to continue the successful momentum of the former years. Mike earned 7th place in the standings and his team totaled an amazing 106 points. During one race, Mike also secured an accolade for ‘the fastest lap’.

Wainwright’s racing team:
Mike founded his own racing team in 2011 for drivers who were passionate about racing. He wanted to follow his ideas and strategies by forming the gulf racing team instead of conforming to someone else. He claims that he has created a very comfortable and family-like feeling among his team members. In current races, mike has had quite a decline in his success. He admitted that it was due to him spending time with his family instead of practicing test drives. It is suggested to test drive as much as one can, before a race, and mike should do the same if he is serious about his racing career and is hoping for a championship. He must prioritize his career or consider handing the wheel over. Mike drives a porsche 911 rsr, which is a medium capability racing car.

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